Gumuoti varžybiniai svoriai Eleiko RC IWF sunkiajai atletikai

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For Smaller Increases and Manageable Weight Jumps

For those times when smaller weight changes make all the difference, the Eleiko IWF Olympic Weightlifting Rubber Coated Change Plates are certified and calibrated for record setting lifts. The durable rubber coated discs come in an Olympic colour scheme with a lipped edge for secure easy handling and coordinate with our IWF training and competition weightlifting plates. Discs are sold individually.

  • Designed For: Smaller weight increases in competition environments
  • Certified: Discs are certified by the IWF for competition
  • Smaller Increases: Discs range from 0.25 kg – 5 kg for small increment adjustments
  • Colour Coded: For easy weight identification and minimised loading errors